Looking to incorporate that Irish essence into your big day?

As Ireland is known for many of the world’s greatest songwriters and musicians, we have compiled the top Irish first dance songs. We have chosen classic love songs from Irish artists, along with some modern hits. Have a browse through our collection of unique Irish wedding first dance songs, and let us know what you will be dancing to on your big day!

Snow PatrolChasing Cars

Originating in Northern Ireland, Snow Patrol burst onto the scene in early 2000’s. It was their album Eyes Open (2006) , and its hit single Chasing Cars that propelled the band into international fame. In the song lead singer Gary Lightbody sings a plain melody over sparse guitars, with an ever-building crescendo. The line “Those three words, are said too much, they’re not enough” sums up why this beautiful song is perfect for that first dance! The name of the song ‘Chasing Cars’ originated from Gary Lightbody’s father. When Gary was smitten with a girl his father told him, “You’re like a dog chasing a car. You’ll never catch it and you just wouldn’t know what to do with it if you did.”

Declan O’Rourke – Galileo 

When Paul Weller was asked what song he wish he had written in the past 20 years, he chose Galileo by Declan O’Rourke. It’s clear to see why. This love song is written from the perspective of someone like a scientist; someone who likes to know how things work, have everything in it’s place and is constantly questioning. The song is about that moment when you meet that special someone and can’t help but feel ‘How did I get this lucky?’.

Van Morrison –  Have I told You Lately

Hailing from Belfast Northern Ireland, it was inevitable this Grammy award winning Singer & Songwriter would appear on our list. Van Morrison is responsible for many love songs but it’s ‘Have I Told you Lately’ that made our list. Although this song is considered by some to be about Van Morrison’s relationship with God, many choose this song as their first dance due to the romantic lyrics and suitability.

Kodaline – The One


Since bursting onto the scene in 2012, Dublin band Kodaline have gained international fame with their albums ‘In a Perfect World’ and ‘Coming Up for Air’. Their music has taken over the airways and appeared on various soundtracks including Grey’s Anatomy, The Fault in our Stars and Love Rosie. It is their 2015 hit ‘The One’ which has become increasingly popular with couples for their first dance. The song talks of a love fulfilled, the protagonist claiming that his/her partner is the one for him/her, they make everything in the world right, even when things are crashing down.

Gavin James – The Book of Love

American indie pop group The Magnetic Fields originally wrote this song, but it’s Dubliner Gavin James’s 2014 cover which has made it onto our list. Although we love Peter Gabriel’s version, it’s slow tempo makes it slightly more difficult to dance to. This sweet song is sure to bring a tear to your guests’ eyes. If this song sounds familiar, you may recognise it from the final episode of Scrubs!

U2 – All I Want is You

The final song on U2’s 1988 album, Rattle and Rum, All I Want is You has been a popular first dance song for years now. The poetic and symbolic lyrics describe the protagonist’s desire for true, unconditional love. The song may be bitter in some parts (“all the promises that we break”), but as the protagonist  repeats the line “all I want is you” over and over, isn’t that simply what love is all about?

Thin Lizzy – My Sarah


Thin Lizzy’s hit ‘My Sarah’ makes our list as an upbeat selection. Tiny issue with this song choice; if one of the couple is not named Sarah, it doesn’t make much sense! But if you or your partner is named Sarah, carry on! This upbeat song is ideal if you’re looking for something a bit faster without losing those romantic, first dance lyrics.

The Fureys – When You Were Sweet Sixteen

Although The Fureys didn’t originally write this song (James Thorton did in 1898!), the song rose to prominence after they decided to play it at a show in 1980. After releasing the song in 1981, it was immediate successful and gave the band their first major hit. In The Furey’s cover, what makes it magical is Finbar Furey’s unique vocal and the wonderful banjo playing. This song works particularly well for those teenage sweetheart couples.

Imelda May – Kentish Town Waltz

Imelda May wrote this song about the first time she moved to London with her husband. The song is about struggling, but sticking together. The chorus “There are wrongs for every right, there’s ups & there’s downs, But you’re the one for all my life, My true love I have found, yeah you my love I found” rings clear with this sentiment.

Van Morrison – Crazy Love

Yes, another Van Morrison song! There are just too many first dance options from Van the Man, we couldn’t keep it to one. This rather poetic song is about a love which makes the bad times good, and the good times that bit better. All together now, aaaaaaah!

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